Build options in the backend of WordPress

Creating options in the WordPress backend just got easier than ever! With pwp_field() you can create options for your theme or plugin quickly without worrying about retrieving the field’s value once something is saved or registering the right hooks for things to work properly. Premise WP will take care of all this for us. Lets take a look at how you can use this powerful function. (more…)

Building grids and responsive layouts using Premise WP

With the CSS class pwp-row you can build a grid by simply assigning it to the parent element of your columns. You can then use the classes col2 - col6 to build a “column” grid or span1 - span12 to build a “fluid” grid. On column grids, columns within a row are meant to have the same width, while on fluid grids they can have different widths within the same row. (more…)