Premise Boxes

Developers and content managers can now collaborate seamlessly in the WordPress backend. A ‘Box’ allows content managers to use a WYSIWYG editor while developers can add their touch of magic in a separate code editor. Neither one affects the other one’s work. We all know how tedious it is to switch from the ‘Visual’ to the ‘Text’ editor  and back. Especially when the developer has written a lot of code into the page. (more…)

Premise Social Media Blogger

Post on YouTube or Instagram and automatically have that content added to your site! Keep all your content in one place but more importantly, own it! (more…)

Premise Restaurant Menu

Take control of your menu and promote your restaurant on social media, all at the same time! Don’t waste time, money, and opportunities – The Premise Restaunrant Menu lets you make changes to your menu quick and then automatically promotes it in social media. This enables you to focus on running your restaurant while we take care of notifying your customers about what’s going on – A new dish just came out, cocktails are on sale today, or a new bloody Mary bar just opened during brunch. You can easily control the message that gets posted per change or across the board and the plugin offers a drop down of dynamic content options that allow you to insert real relevant content to your posts. (more…)

Premise Portfolio

When it came to building and designing our own portfolio we wanted something simple and lightweight yet extremely flexible. No other solution out there really did it for us so we built our own.