Premise Time Tracker

Manage freelancers and their time right from your WordPress site. Freelancers can use the Premise Time Tracker Chrome Extension to track their time right from their browser!

Premise Time Tracker is a plugin that runs in the backend of your WordPress site and has a chrome extension that you can use to quickly track time. The chrome extension can be installed by a freelancer or employee and used to add, edit, and view timers of their own. From the backend, the admin can control users and their access. See the chrome extension in GitHub.

We understand that a freelancer may need to track their time multiple times in a day. At the same time, the more efficient the freelancer is at tracking their time, the more money it can save an agency/employer. This is why we made it extremely easy to track your time using our chrome extension. Take a look below at how easy it actually is!

Enter Task, Time and done!

To create a timer you are only required to enter a Task and the Time it took. Enter time in 15 minute (.25) increments – 1 hour 45 minutes = 1.75. A description is helpful but not required.

Want more control?

Click the “More” link to change the timer’s date and assign it to clients, projects, or time sheets.
You can also create new clients, projects and time sheets as you are entering your time!



Note: This plugin and its chrome extension are currently in beta. They are being constantly updated. If you have questions or requests please send us a comment below or send us a tweet @premisewp.